How to create a media kit: step by step

This post is all about how to create a media kit to send off to brands or add as part of your portfolio. In this step by step guide we will be covering what a media kit is, how to use a media kit, how to make a media kit and what to include in your media kit, what not to include in your media kit, and a free downloadable template for you to get started!

So let’s get straight into it ⤹

What is a media kit?

A media kit is your own digital portfolio that shows brands or your clients everything they need to know about you. Your media kit is a place for you to highlight your achievements, and really sell yourself!

Using a media kit

Whether you’re a business or a personal brand, you will need your media kit to let brands, clients and other service based users know who you are, what you offer (your unique selling point — USP), and your achievements. You can either add your media kit to your portfolio so brands and clients can download it straight from your website, or you can allow a brand or client request your media kit.

How to make a media kit

First page

Step 1: Include your name, who you are and your website URL. This is the first page of your media kit and the first thing brands and potential clients will see, so make it stand out.

Step 2: Add a clear and professional image of yourself!

step 3: Add your usernames for your social platforms

Second page

step 1: Write your about section and include who you are, what you’re passionate about and how you use your online space. Tip: Use your elevator pitch to guide you!

step 2: Add demographics from the platform of your choice. Include your audience percentage, location, and age range.

step 3: Add insights from the social platforms that you use and best perform on e.g. Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or your blog.

You can find your insights and demographics by going onto your profile, clicking the three lines in the right hand corner, and clicking insights.

Third page

Add a popular post page! This page is optional, however I thought that this would be a unique page to add onto my media kit. Include the post topic, amount of likes, impressions and saves.

Below you can see that most of my popular posts are branding and instagram tip related, which means that the majority of my audience prefer this type of content to self love/mindset.

Fourth page

Add a testimony page! Again, this page is optional, however I thought that this would be a unique page to add onto my media kit. A testimony can also be a community member sharing praise to your account!

Tip: have a look at your pinned comments and/or DM’s

Last page

step 1: Add all of the brands that you have worked with. You can style this page however you like, however I would advice to use the brands logo. You can get the brand logo from Google and just copy and paste it onto your page! If you would like a transparent background you can use an apps such as Canva, Over, Background Eraser, or you can get transparent images from Google.

step 2: Add your contact details and where people can find you. Include your Instagram handle, website, and email address (see below for more reference).

What NOT to include in your media kit

I would advice not to include in your media kit is your rates e.g. the set amount you charge brands for each post, story, IGTV, etc — instead, add a work with me section and allow brands to contact you with their budget. When a brand see’s that you have a set rate, they might stick with that rate, however, if you negotiate with them you may be able to negotiate higher … know your worth and don’t miss out on opportunities! Remember that every brand is different and what one brand might want you to create, might be different to another brand.

Negotiating your rate = being paid your worth.

Now it’s your turn to create your own media kit! I have created a template copy on Canva for you to use, all you need to do is personalise the template and click below ⤹

create your media kit here

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and I would love to see your media kits! If you would like more branding and Instagram related content, you can connect with me here.

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